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Shorai Lithium LFX18A1-BS12 Battery
Voltage Pb Eq                  12V
AH Pb Eq                         18
Weight(KG):                     0.997
Cold Cranking Amps:       270
Max Charge Rate (A)       18
Polarity:                            [-]
Length (mm)                     148
Width (mm)                       66
Height (mm)                     105
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SHORAI LFX Lithium-Iron Powersports battery, 18Ah PbEq 12V eq, "A" polarity, Case Type 1
Yuasa Part No.
Lighter, Stronger, Better! Shorai LFX™ batteries deliver more energy faster, with less weight than any other brand or technology available on the market today. Shorai LFX™ weigh as little as 20% of the orignal-equipment battery, and do not suffer the chemical sulfation that kills lead acid batteries as they sit untended. The batteries are easy to install, and have the same charge requirements as lead-acid types. Typical motorcycle charging systems range from 13.7V to 14.8V output voltage. Shorai LFX 12v series require a minimum charging voltage 13.1V or higher at idle, and must not exceed 15.2V charge maximum.
Most powersports enthusiasts have gotten used to hooking up a trickle charger to their lead-acid batteries, all the time. Shorai LFX have a much slower self-discharge than the best lead acid batteries, they do not sulfate as capacity drops, and they are the ultimate "deep cycle" battery. This means that they can still crank your vehicle even if the remaining capacity is quite low.
A fully charged LFX can sit for a year or more and still retain adequate starting capacity, without damaging the battery. As such, any vehicle which has no current flowing when the key is OFF should not need a tender. At most this battery only needs to be charged every 6 to 12 months, depending on the use and average storage temperature. Newer vehicles may have a significant draw even when the key is OFF, to maintain clocks and computers, etc. In this case Shorai expects that a few hours of riding per month will be all that is needed to avoid tending.
If you know that you will go a number of weeks or months without riding, you can either attach a tender, or disconnect the negative cable from the battery.


  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • Ultra light- one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
  • Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance
  • Zero sulfation for longer service life
  • Super-fast recharge rate
  • No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
  • Military spec carbon composite case
  • Multiple terminal connection options
  • Includes adhesive back foam sheets
  • Factory activated
  • Environmentally friendly


  • It is extremely important that you use only the appropriate battery for your bike. A battery with incorrect amperage may damage the battery and your bike.
  • Shorai Batteries require a charging system output of 13.1 Volts or higher at idle and must not exceed 15.2 volts at maximum output.
  • Shorai recommends NOT using a charger or trickle chager if it has a desulfation mode which cannot be turned off. However the best possible charger/tender for the Shorai LFX is the Shorai SHO-BMS01 Battery Management System.


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