Brake Hose 950mm

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All Powerhose Plus lines are factory made, tested and approved by TUV and DOT. Lines use the highest quality Teflon tube with Stainless steel over braid. The lines are covered in clear PVC as standard. The Powerhose Plus fittings simply screw on to the lines stainless steel 1/8 BSP swivel nuts. This gives perfect alignment.

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1. Hose Measurement

Measure existing line from the centre of the banjo at each end, or as the diagrams below, then subtract 40mm from the overall length. This gives you the line length you will need. If the hose is still fitted to the machine this measurement can be obtained with the careful use of some flexible tubing, following the routing of the old hose exactly.

Correct Measurement for existing hoses

IMPORTANT: Do not use a hose with a shorter measurement than the original. 

2. Select Lines and Identify Fittings 

Round up your measurements taken at step 1 to match one of the Hose Lengths available to order online.

Next step is to identify the brake line fittings. Select the closest match banjo angle to the originals. Adapters come in concave and convex variations. 

For Banjo Bolts , the following table will help you to identify thread sizes for Banjo bolts and adapters: 

Suzuki and most European machines

M10x1mm fine and/or M10x1.25mm course thread

Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Triumph Stock


Early Triumph and Norton

3/8 UNF

Harley Davidson

7/16  24TPI  and/or 3/8 UNF

BMW, Brembo & Magura


Nissin Calipers 


 Remember to replace copper crush washers where used. You'll need 2 for each single bolt and 3 or 4 for double bolts.

3. Fitting Instructions

To fit Powerhose Plus you will need an 11mm spanner together with a 6mm allen key / hex wrench for any banjo bolts. 

Please adhere to the following: 

  1. Double check thread compatibility for master cylinder and calipers.
  2. Loosely assemble hoses to end fittings and attach to the machine. Remember to renew all copper washers where used.
  3. Ensure that hoses are correctly routed – use the same routing as manufacturers’ original, unless Race kit used.
  4. Tighten all swivel nut connections, just over finger tight. Tightening torque 12 NM
  5. Check operation of forks / suspension arm to ensure that brake lines do not become trapped or stressed, also check steering lock to lock to ensure hoses have enough freeplay.
  6. Tighten the banjo bolts to the recommended torque setting. (see below)
  7. Bleed system in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. We sell a Vacuum Pump if needed.
  8. Check all joins for leakage under pressure (operate brake lever and pressurise the system).
  9. Test the operation of the brakes in a safe environment before use and inspect regularly.

The recommended torque settings for 10mm and 3/8th banjo bolts are as follows: 

          Min 14ft/lbs                        Max 18 ft/lbs 
          Min 2 Kilogram-Meter        Max 2.5 Kilogram Meter 

                Min 19 NM                         Max 25 NM 
                Powerhose Plus Swivel nut fittings - 12 NM 

The torque settings for 5/16th BSF (British Standard Fine) banjo bolts are as follows:

           15 ft/lbs or 20 Meter-Newtons


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