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SHOEI has been dedicated to the development of superior helmet technology since 1958.

TECHNOLOGYSHOEI Ventilation Ventilation is more effective if the air has a way out. That is why SHOEI helmets do not only have effective intakes, but also devices through which hot air can leave the helmet. In the case of our top models, these are the Aero-Vortex-Ventilations. With their characteristic V-shape, they create negative pressure making use of the riding windstream. Warm air from the rider´s head is actively drawn out of the helmet. The hyper dual liner ventilation: On our top range helmets, the shock absorbing liner is made of two parts. Between them, there is a system of ventilation channels which can very effectively carry fresh air to the rider´s head, and vent out warm humid air. The sightlation system: All SHOEI full face helmets use a sophisticated ventilation intake below the shield window, which serves a double function: It supplies fresh breathing air to the rider, but also steers an airflow along the inside of the shield. This helps to keep the shields dry and clear of fog. ADVANCED INTERIOR PADDING: SHOEI helmets are comfortable, even at extreme speeds: This means that the padding must fit snuggly around your head, without ever feeling unpleasant. At the same time, the bottom of our interiors have no rims and no overlapping parts. This prevents turbulence and noise. For our top class models, we took perfection one step further and designed the entire interior to be detachable. You can replace it in seconds, and you can choose between 7 different cheek pad sizes - what you get is a tailor-fit helmet, taking comfort to the maximum! SHOEI CX-1 Shield Technology: CX-1 is something unique - the CX-1 shield is not attached to the helmets with screws, but by a spring loaded ratchet. The shield is detached by pulling two levers, re-attached just as fast and it’s fit on the window seals is fine-adjustable. As the entire attachment unit is inside the shield, there is no need for (noisy) shield covers. The shield itself functions as the sleekest cover you can imagine! CX-1V Visor Technology: The CX-1V shield mechanism system is the next level in SHOEI´s leading visor technology. Although both systems (CX-1 & CX-1V )look similar the differences can be found in the following features: 1. visor locking system 2. wider shield Attention: The CX-1V system fits only on the new developed helmet models starting from the X-Spirit, XR-1000…

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